Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Grand Jury Report On Eden Township Healthcare District

The Eden Township Healthcare District (ETHD), which covers San Leandro, no longer owns or operates any hospitals. It is running ads on social media claiming that we are in danger of "losing our vote." I don't know what vote the ETHD is referring to. All it does today is manage medical office properties and distributes some community funds. But it doesn't provide any healthcare services. 

The ETHD is running the ads because there is a bill in Sacramento (AB 2471) from Assembly member Bill Quirk to dissolve it. There is sound justification for the bill. This comes from the latest Alameda County Grand Jury report
ETHD spends 88% of its resources managing its real estate holdings and only 12% on mission-related activities. With this balance of resource allocation, the district struggles to deliver (directly or indirectly) adequate healthcare services for all residents. There is minimal evidence of active, informed citizen participation in district affairs. Agency officials do not solicit district-wide feedback or input from other healthcare organizations to evaluate and plan for greater mission effectiveness. Equally troublesome, there is no meaningful strategic planning in place to correct these matters.

The district’s original purpose is no longer relevant since ETHD no longer owns and operates a district hospital or other direct care assets to deliver acute healthcare solutions. Unless ETHD has a clear vision and a defined strategic plan to be relevant, it should be dissolved. 

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