What is the core measure of leadership by a Mayor & City Council?

Timely resolving significant community problems is my answer. Last night the San Leandro City Council had the opportunity to address a significant community concern pertaining to a zoning matter that affects not only the Estudillo Estates neighborhood but also the Broadmoor, the Manor and South San Leandro. Instead of taking clear and decisive action, the City Council deferred to staff to develop a proposed course of action without any set timeline or a defined process. One Council member voiced concern that taking any other action would be "micro managing staff." Accordingly, I sent the following message to the Mayor and City Council today: Dear Mayor and City’s council - Timely addressing significant community concerns is not micro managing staff. Rather it is the essence of leadership. You are given political power to solve problems and lead our community. That requires decisiveness. That requires setting priorities for staff and even disagreeing with staff on some occasions. The Council has the fiduciary responsibility of acting in the best interests of the people of San Leandro. Case in point: You had a wonderful presentation last night on all the good that the new San Leandro Hospital is doing and its plans to do more. None of that would have occurred if I and the then City Council followed the City Manager and staff’s recommendation which was to not provide any money to save the hospital. The deal to save the hospital would have collapsed. Furthermore the failure of prior Mayor Santos to develop a plan to save the hospital was a critical factor in why the people of San Leandro entrusted him with only one term as Mayor. We are now in year three of the controversy over the zoning of Professional district properties. You had the opportunity last night to take a significant step to resolve the controversy in a matter of weeks. Instead you passed the issue onto staff to come up with some type of solution at a future date through an undefined process. Again the essence of leadership by a City Council is timely solving significant community concerns.


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