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Comment on City of San Leandro Plans for Parcel Tax in November 2018

I support tax measures that enhance public services and programs as long as I am confident the money will be well spent - which requires at a minimum that the public agency is currently managing its budget well.
Accordingly, I am opposed to the hasty and ill-planned effort by the City of San Leandro to place a parcel tax measure on the November 2018 ballot.The City is running a significant budget deficit due to exploding pension costs for public safety workers.Any funds raised in the new tax will be used to backfill this deficit and not address the cause of the City budget deficit nor result in any sustained, enhanced services for our community. Moreover, the San Leandro school district's parcel tax is expiring in June 2018. The district is managing its funds well.Renewing its parcel tax is vital for the continued success of our schools.If the City Council places its own parcel tax on the same ballot as the school parcel tax, the City Council will likely cause both measures to …