Amend San Leandro Cannabis Ordinance To Allow Adult Recreational Sales

I have advocated that San Leandro amend its cannabis ordinance to allow the dispensaries licensed in San Leandro to sell cannabis to adults for recreational use. Presently the ordinance limits sales to solely persons with a medical authorization card. Unless you possess such a card, you will not be able to walk into a cannabis dispensary in San Leandro and purchase any product.
At least one dispensary, the Davis Street Wellness Center, and possibly a second cannabis dispensary will open in San Leandro later this year. [Disclosure: I work for a company whose CEO is the primary owner of the Davis Street Wellness Center.]
There are several reasons why I support this amendment to the local ordinance. The principal one is the sale of cannabis to adults for recreational purposes is now legal under state law. There is no need for any adult to spend $50-$80 a year to obtain a medical marijuana card. Consequently, there is no reason why sales to adults should remain restricted in local cities that have authorized cannabis dispensaries.
Opponents of legalization assert, however, that greater adult access to cannabis will lead to greater cannabis use by teens. We have a real world example to test this assertion. It has been five years since Colorado legalized adult recreational use of cannabis. The latest federal survey finds that cannabis use by Colorado teens is decreasing, and that the rate of their cannabis use is less than the national average. 


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