"Says It’s Time for City Manager To Move On"

Below is a letter in today's San Leandro Times from San Leandran Al Frates whom I know personally and hold in high regard. I agree with Al's point. In my opinion, San Leandro City Manager's grossly unprofessional and retaliatory conduct following the accusation of sexual harassment made against him warrants his departure from City Hall.
Says It’s Time for City Manager To Move On
I’ve lived in San Leandro for 54 years. Built Washington Manor’s Foster’s Freeze in 1964, Alan’s Coffee Shop in 1969.
We raised six children here.
I first met Rose Padilla Johnson 27 years ago at 1190 Davis Street (Homer Richardson’s Church). Since then, Rose has helped the poor, the needy and pre-school children at five school sites.
Rose has a $15 million budget to run the clinic. She raises most of their money from state and federal grants, foundations, local businesses, Eden Township and our city. Rose is marvelous in raising money for the Davis Street Family Resource Center for the work they do for the needy.
About half the people in San Leandro rent or have two families living in a residence. And thousands need help with food, medical, dental, clothing, counseling and childcare.
I first met Chris Zapata seven years ago. Chris and I have had lunch or dinner in a group or alone about 18 times total.
Now, the $1.5 million loan to Davis Street at 6 percent interest for two years should have been 3 percent for 10 years! Well, the city did receive $168,000 in interest, and paid the full $1.5 million.
The 23-page letter Mr. Zapata sent out to the press earlier this year was simply unbelievable. Chris went on and on about how bad Rose was. I still know city workers who were flabbergasted because of this vindictive letter.
Now, Mr. Heath and Kiki Davis wrote letters to the Times, and I’m amazed how naive and dogmatic their views are. Mr. Zapata asked Rose to meet him at the Alvarado Fosters Freeze! This was a mistake by both.
Both have done good work, but we can’t be judgmental and we can’t be dogmatic in our views because we were not there.
Chris, it’s been fun but really I think it’s time for you to move on. You always said you were pleased you had 75 percent of the City Council under your control, but I think you can do the same in a Southern California city.
Well, good luck, God bless, and goodbye. Chris, it’s time to move on.
(I should add that I was requested to testify five months ago by Ms. Kramer, but I declined because I knew both people so well.)
—Al Frates


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