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San Leandro Pays Former City Manager $350,000 As He Leaves For New Job

Within a month of reinstating him as City Manager, the City Council agreed to pay Chris Zapata $350,000 to leave San Leandro. Included in the separation agreement was a an anti-disparagement clause that is not limited by subject matter. Any criticism of Zapata for any reason by any city employee or any City Commissioner that could negatively impact his reputation is prohibited.Why would both parties want this? The Mayor and City Council do not want anyone to say anything critical of Zapata because that reflects negatively on their leadership as we head into elections. Likewise Zapata didn't want anyone connected to City Hall to criticize him as he had been looking for a new job during the period from his reinstatement as City Manager to his departure.Zapata has secured the position of City Manager of Anaheim where his total compensation (salary and benefits) will likely exceed $400,000 annually. The Anaheim City Council will vote on his new contract this week.
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San Leandro's Restriction On Speech Of City Commissioners Unprecedented And Wrong

On July 6, 2018, the City mailed a legal document to all San Leandro commissioners requiring that they sign the document by July 13, 2018, attesting to their acknowledgement that they are contractually obligated to never "demean or besmirch the reputation" of Mr. Zapata.  Failure to sign this document will result in their "forfeiture" from office as a commissioner. The Mayor and City Council have made a serious mistake in placing a restriction on the speech of all City employees and City Commissioners in the course of reaching an agreement with former City Manager Chris Zapata for his departure in exchange for a payment of $350,000. Presumably the Mayor and City Council acted on the poor advice of the City Attorney.  But the decision is their responsibility. The Mayor and City Council have caused great stress and anxiety for all City Commissioners - who give freely of their time for the betterment of the community. [Disclosure: My wife is a commissioner. She refus…