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Review of 1388 Bancroft Project Before San Leandro Planning Commission

Here is an update on the proposed 73-unit apartment complex development for 1388 Bancroft Avenue.The project violates the Zoning Code.The only way it can be built, as proposed, is for a majority of the City Council to change the Zoning Code.
The photo of site above was taken on Joaquin Avenue looking at the parking lot of 1388 Bancroft, the neighboring homes, and Bancroft Middle school. The proposed 47 to 53-foot apartment complex will be both taller than the telephone poll in the foreground (by a good 15 feet) and the middle school in the background (by 20 feet).Thirteen foot car stackers will extend along the property line with the neighboring homes, exceeding the height of the current fence by six feet.

Specifically, the developer wants to change the property's designation under the Zoning Code from a Professional Office District to Downtown Area 3 (which allows for much greater density and requires less parking spaces).
Downtown Area 3 is a designation for the center core of Dow…

City staff analysis of 1388 Bancroft Project

For those interested in the proposed rezoning of the parcel along Bancroft Avenue between Estudillo and Joaquin Avenues (1388 Bancroft) and plan to construct a 73-unit apartment complex, I highly recommend reading the proposed findings of fact drafted by City planners for the Planning Commission's review on Thursday night. The findings start at page five of this document: The findings are devastating to the project. Here is just a sample of the findings: 1. The proposed re-zoning of the site as DA-3 property is inappropriate and inconsistent with the General Plan because the rezoning “would enable a higher and greater intensity development than designated. The DA-3 zoning designation is specified for the inner core of the Downtown rather than on the outlying and perimeter areas.” (page 5). 2. The proposed rezoning detracts from character of surrounding neighborhoods by…

City Staff Recommend Denial of Proposed Bancroft Apartment Complex

As many of you know, a developer is seeking to change the zoning of office buildings on Bancroft between Estudillo and Joaquin to Downtown Area 3 ("DA 3") property in order for him to construct a nearly 50-foot apartment complex consisting of 72 two-bedroom units and one three bedroom unit. The project is expected to generate 500 daily car trips. The parking lot for complex will have 146 parking spaces, including 13-foot car stackers positioned right next to neighboring homes. Also of note, there will be no access to the parking lot on Bancroft Avenue. The parking will be gated and accessible only from Estudillo and Joaquin Avenues. Because of higher traffic volumes along Estudillo Avenue, however, the Estudillo driveway is proposed to be limited to egress only. That means car traffic on Joaquin Avenue will increase significantly as residents and visitors driving to the apartment complex parking lot must enter from Joaquin Avenue. City staff has issued a report recomm…

What should be done when a development violates new pro-housing provisions of a zoning code?

In a recent OpEd in the NY Times on the Bay Area housing crisis, Enrico Moretti, a professor of economics at the University of California, Berkeley, wrote,"Some restrictions make sense: Nobody wants skyscrapers poking up among Victorian houses, and nobody wants to tear down historical buildings. But many others don’t: There are scores of empty parking lots in San Francisco and Oakland that can’t be built on because of political opposition." Moretti concluded: Bay Area "urban progressives must moderate their reflexive opposition to all new market-based housing." I agree. However, knee jerk opposition to new housing has not been a characteristic of San Leandrans. We have welcomed new housing. Just look at the large affordable housing complex (called the Marea Alta) across from the downtown San Leandro BART station. Local and state tax revenues paid for the building. Hundreds of new market rate housing units in the planning or construction stage in San Leandro, …

Update On Proposed 5-Story Apartment Complex at 1388 Bancroft in San Leandro

Nov 7th, 7pm: Community meeting at the San Leandro Main Library, lecture auditorium. Nov 16th 7pm: Planning Commission meeting at City Hall with 1388 Bancroft on the agenda.A developer has proposed constructing a 73-unit, nearly 5 stories tall apartment complex, with parking for 146 vehicles, including 64 car stackers. The proposal is in violation of the San Leandro Zoning Code which was comprehensively updated just last year. The site extends a full block on Bancroft Avenue between Estudillo and Joaquin Avenues. The project is immediately across from, and will tower over, Bancroft Middle School and neighboring homes. This message is from Dave Ruedi and Lindsay White on Joaquin Avenue and Debbie and Evan Adams on Estudillo Avenue. We are the homeowners next to the property located at 1388 Bancroft Avenue, which is across Estudillo from Bancroft Middle School. We'd like to update you on the latest news. First, despite twice receiving extensive objections to his proposal from Ci…