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Message on November 2018 Local Election Results

Dear Friends and Neighbors: Congratulations to Mariellen Faria, Gordon Galvan and Roxann Lewis for their winning campaigns for the Eden Healthcare District Board. I wish you the best of success in meeting the healthcare needs of the residents of the Eden Area and specifically keeping St. Rose Hospital in Hayward open. I offer my deepest thanks to my supporters across the Eden Area. I appreciate your encouragement and kind words over the course of the campaign. I wish the outcome could have been different so I could have served you on the District Board.  However, I am hopeful for the future of the District under the leadership of the newly elected Directors. In particular, I am excited for the victory of Gordon Galvan who shares with me the vision that the Eden District needs to return to its original mission of providing, directly or indirectly, healthcare services. I  believe I played a positive role in shaping the discussion of the issues for the Eden District candidates in this ele…

Why Leadership on Eden Health Board is Important

I am running for the Eden Healthcare District Board to expand access for healthcare in the Eden Area (Hayward, San Leandro, Castro Valley and San Lorenzo) and to keep St. Rose Hospital in Hayward open for decades to come. As Mayor of San Leandro, I helped prevent the planned closure of San Leandro Hospital. Today, St. Rose Hospital is in a financially dangerous position. The closure of St. Rose would be devastating for the 160,000 residents of Hayward. St. Rose is the only acute care general hospital in Hayward. Losing St. Rose would also have negatively impact patients using hospitals in San Leandro and Castro Valley. St. Rose receives over 40,000 patient visits to its emergency room each year. The current members of the Eden Health Board fail to appreciate the importance of saving St. Rose. If elected, I will dedicate myself to keeping St. Rose open. Please complete your election ballot and vote for Stephen Cassidy for Eden Health District Board. Respectfully, Stephen Cassidy, Atto…