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FAQ on Measure N for San Leandro Schools

Measure N is a school construction bond to fund essential improvements in San Leandro public schools. Here are answers to common questions on Measure N.
1) When is the election?
Election day is Tuesday, March 3, 2020.
2) Why is Measure N on the ballot?
Four years ago, the San Leandro Unified School District conducted a comprehensive assessment of the facility needs of all public schools in the district. Thanks to the generous support of the community, significant improvements have been made. Measure N has been placed on the ballot by the San Leandro school board to finish the work identified in the original assessment. The amount of the bond is $198 million. 
3) How will the Measure N funds be spent? 
• Construct new science and engineering labs and career technical education facilities at San Leandro High School so that students are prepared for college or careers in fields like health sciences, engineering and skilled trades;
• Replace aging portable classrooms at the elementary an…