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Need For Meaningful Public Input On Proposed 1388 Bancroft Development

Landlord Tom Silva is the owner of 1388 Bancroft Avenue and has submitted plans to tear down the two buildings at the site and construct a 45-unit apartment complex at the site. The complex will contain 43 two-bedroom, two bath units and 2 three-bedroom units. 47 parking spaces are planned for residents with 8 additional spaces for visitors. Current zoning code regulations - which were put in place just two years ago after extensive community input - require that all new multi-family residential developments provide adequate on-site parking, defined as 1.5 spaces for each one-bedroom and studio unit, 2.25 spaces for each two-bedroom unit, and 2.5 spaces for each three-bedroom unit. Moreover, the number of units planned at the site - 45 - is approximately 50% greater than allowed under the zoning code (again just updated in 2016). Silva is seeking an exemption from these requirements, and has the support of City staff. Finally, Silva's development plan does not contain any m…