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Real Progressive Change in San Leandro Starts With Campaign Finance Reform

Isn't it time we advocated for the San Leandro City Council to adopt a campaign finance reform measure capping the amount of money a person or business can donate to political campaign committees?
Is it any wonder why we don't have any form of rent control in San Leandro when the number one person over the past several years in terms of total donations to the City Council has been the developer/landlord Tom Silva who is a leader in the California Apartment Owners Association?
We are not going to see the progressive change we want in San Leandro as long as developers, landlords and others with tremendous financial resources can write checks in the thousands to tens of thousands of dollars to elected officials.
Where do we start? My suggestion is come to the City Council goal setting and planning session this Saturday, Feb. 2nd (details below on time and location). The planning session provides an opportunity for the community to comment on the direction of San Leandro. Specif…