Saturday, September 3, 2016

Yes on San Leandro Schools Measure J1!

I am proud to serve as the co-chairperson of the Yes on Measure J1 campaign committee. We are a group of parents, teachers, administrators, students, and friends who recognize the critical importance of strong public schools to San Leandro.

What is Measure J1?

Measure J1 is a bond measure on the November 8, 2016 ballot to fund critical facility upgrades and improvements for San Leandro schools.

Why is Measure J1 necessary?

The State of California pays for the costs of running a school district, e.g. salaries for teachers and staff and school supplies.  But state tax revenue is not given to school districts for major construction projects to renovation and modernize school sites. These are called capital improvements and raising the funds for capital improvements falls on each community served by a school district.

Thanks to the generous support of San Leandrans, significant improvements have been made to our schools. New facilities have been built, and seismic safety upgrades have been completed. Substantial needs remain at our elementary schools, however, and they are the focus of Measure J1.  

What projects will Measure J1 funds support?

Measure J1 will:
• Repair or replace leaky roofs, old rusty plumbing, and faulty electrical systems where needed;
• Upgrade classrooms, libraries, and science labs, to keep pace with technology;
• Provide the facilities and equipment needed to support high quality instruction in math, science,
engineering, arts, and technology;
• Improve student safety and campus security systems, including security lighting, emergency communications systems, fire alarms, and sprinklers;
• Install heating and ventilation systems at each school to prevent classrooms from being too hot in the fall and summer and too cold in the winter; and
• Replace aging portable classrooms that are expensive to repair and maintain, with modern classrooms.

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