FAQ on Measure N for San Leandro Schools

Measure N is a school construction bond to fund essential improvements in San Leandro public schools. Here are answers to common questions on Measure N.

1) When is the election?

Election day is Tuesday, March 3, 2020.

2) Why is Measure N on the ballot?

Four years ago, the San Leandro Unified School District conducted a comprehensive assessment of the facility needs of all public schools in the district. Thanks to the generous support of the community, significant improvements have been made. Measure N has been placed on the ballot by the San Leandro school board to finish the work identified in the original assessment. The amount of the bond is $198 million. 

3) How will the Measure N funds be spent? 

• Construct new science and engineering labs and career technical education facilities at San Leandro High School so that students are prepared for college or careers in fields like health sciences, engineering and skilled trades;

• Replace aging portable classrooms at the elementary and middle schools with new, permanent classrooms;

• Modernize classrooms at the district’s older elementary schools so that they meet the same academic and safety standards as classrooms at newer schools;

• Renovate athletic fields at the middle schools and replacement of the gymnasium at San Leandro High School; 

• Replace deteriorating school roofs and classroom windows to improve energy efficiency; and

• Continued investments to keep student safety and campus security systems and classroom instructional technology up-to-date. 

4) How will my neighborhood school benefit?

Every school in the district will receive funding based on a comprehensive assessment of the facility needs of all schools. Visit www.slusd.us/MeasureN to see the projects planned for your neighborhood school. 

In addition, all schools will benefit from investments to keep student safety and campus security systems and classroom instructional technology up-to-date.

5) How much will Measure N cost?

$45 per $100,000 in assessed value of the property (again, that is assessed value, not market value).

6) How do we know the funds will be spent properly?

Measure N has a clear system of accountability. Measure N creates a Citizens' Oversight Committee and mandates independent audits to ensure funds are spent properly. By law, no money from Measure N can be taken away by the State or used for administrator or teacher salaries. 

7) Why doesn't the state pay for this work? 

The state does not provide funding for new school construction and renovation projects absent a local match of funds. This is why it is necessary for local communities to pass bond measures if they want to provide their children safe, clean and modern schools

8) What happens if Measure N does not pass?

The need for the work under Measure N will remain. Delaying facility improvements will only increase future costs. Plus, without funding from Measure N, the district could lose state matching funds.

9) I don't have children attending San Leandro public schools. Why should I support Measure N?

We all benefit when our children succeed. Good schools improve the quality of life in San Leandro and protect the value of our homes. Plus, San Leandro students deserve the same educational opportunities as other students in the region.

10) I have a question you did not answer. Whom should I ask? 

Please email us your question at MeasureNforSanLeandro@gmail.com and we will respond or post your question in the comments section below.

11) How can I help the Measure N campaign?

There are many ways you can assist such allowing us to deliver a campaign lawn sign to your house or participating in one of our upcoming neighborhood walks or coming to the phone bank. Please email us your name, address and phone number at MeasureNforSanLeandro@gmail.com  A campaign volunteer will follow up with you. 


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