San Leandro Schools Measure N Update

I was proud to serve as chairperson of the Yes on Measure N campaign. Here is an update on the election results:
On Saturday, March 7th, the Alameda County Registrar of Voters released a large amount of additional votes yesterday.

The YES vote for Measure N now stands at 61% (55% is required for passage). At the end of election night the support for Measure N was at 59%.

The additional votes were most likely mail ballots dropped off at the polling locations on election day and/or mail ballots received by the Registrar's office right before and after election day. Late mail ballot voters are supporting Measure N at level above 60%.

How many more ballots remain to be counted? I don't know as the Secretary of State has not updated its document showing the number of unprocessed ballots statewide by county. Based upon what Alameda County reported on Friday (250,000 unprocessed ballots) and new ballots released yesterday (96,000 ballots), there may be 154,000 ballots left to count for Alameda County. That should leave, at best, 6,000 additional votes to be counted in the SLUSD for Measure N. The number may be less.

The level of support for Measure N should remain over 60% for remaining ballots to be processed. Even if everything turns upside down and Measure N only receives a 50% YES vote on the remaining ballots, Measure N still wins (again assuming there are 6,000 ballots left to be counted).

Thank you everyone who participated in the election. What we are the verge of achieving in San Leandro - passage of the largest bond measure in the school district's history - is all the more impressive because the majority of school bond and parcel tax measures on the March 3rd election ballot across California lost.


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