Update On Proposed 5-Story Apartment Complex at 1388 Bancroft in San Leandro

  • Nov 7th, 7pm: Community meeting at the San Leandro Main Library, lecture auditorium. 
  • Nov 16th 7pm: Planning Commission meeting at City Hall with 1388 Bancroft on the agenda.
A developer has proposed constructing a 73-unit, nearly 5 stories tall apartment complex, with parking for 146 vehicles, including 64 car stackers. The proposal is in violation of the San Leandro Zoning Code which was comprehensively updated just last year. The site extends a full block on Bancroft Avenue between Estudillo and Joaquin Avenues. The project is immediately across from, and will tower over, Bancroft Middle School and neighboring homes. This message is from Dave Ruedi and Lindsay White on Joaquin Avenue and Debbie and Evan Adams on Estudillo Avenue. We are the homeowners next to the property located at 1388 Bancroft Avenue, which is across Estudillo from Bancroft Middle School. We'd like to update you on the latest news. First, despite twice receiving extensive objections to his proposal from City staff, the developer is determined to proceed with his plan. To do so, he must convince the City to rezone the property as Downtown San Leandro property. The developer is requesting approval of his proposal at a hearing before the City Planning Commission on Thursday, November 16th, 7 p.m., at San Leandro City Hall. Please come to the November 16th hearing in person and express your views on the project. This is the most important action you can take. Second, to educate the community, share concerns and answer questions, we are hosting a neighborhood meeting on Tuesday, November 7th, 7 p.m., at the San Leandro Main Library, lecture auditorium. We have invited the City Council to attend the meeting. Third, please contact the Mayor and City Council by email at citycouncil@sanleandro.org or call 510-577-3355 and share your concerns about the 1388 Bancroft project. Finally, please join us by emailing 1388Bancroft@googlegroups.com and provide your: name address phone number. We will keep your contact information private and use it for the sole purpose of providing you further updates on the project and public hearings. Background In 2016, a developer proposed building a 50-foot (think 5 stories) apartment complex with 51 units on this site. The proposal was opposed by many in the community. This year, the same developer has submitted a new proposal for an even bigger, denser complex, featuring 73 units and car stackers for parking. The City’s zoning code only permits a maximum of 31 units at the site. The proposed complex towers over Bancroft Middle School and would be, by far, the tallest building in San Leandro between Bancroft Avenue and 580, creating the precedent for the construction of additional 5-story and taller buildings immediately adjacent to, or within, our neighborhoods. The proposed complex includes parking for 146 vehicles and, because of the building’s massive size, the plans call for the installation of 64 car stackers. These are approximately 13-feet high, mechanical devices that allow one car to be hoisted above another. A significant number would be placed next to our properties. The morning traffic generated by 146 vehicles, combined with the existing middle-school traffic, will make an already bad traffic situation intolerable. We support additional housing in San Leandro, including at 1388 Bancroft, but built in conformity with the City's current zoning code. As a result, we have a formed a community outreach group and created a website, https://sites.google.com/view/1388bancroft, for the purpose of advocating to the Mayor, City Council and City Manager that development of 1388 Bancroft Avenue follow the City’s current zoning code. By Dave Ruedi and Lindsay White and Debbie and Evan Adams


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